Earlier in 2015, I started my research into Innovative ICT usage and empowerments as part of my MPhil Research project at the University for Development Studies. 

I explored ICT for development theories (ICT4D) and real-life scenario models in Ghana and elsewhere.

My interest in this field made me delve deeper and deeper into the internet of things, inclusive innovation, empowerment, and its implications on people who are at the bottom of the ICT pyramid.

As someone who believes in praxis, I started learning how to design a website and I was fairly successful with WIX CMS. I was fortunate to have served as the MIS Officer for ESOKO and a website administrator for ProNet North (An NGO I served from 2012 to 2018 as a Project Officer) which laid the foundation for me. 

I was not happy with WIX and so I purchased a domain name and hosting from Stormerhost and started practising with their website builder.

I quickly learned how to use the website builder but did not like the idea of been restricted and so I set out to design Sobiaonline which has been quite successful and has impacted on the lives of thousands of job seekers across Ghana and beyond through our career services. 

After Sobiaonline followed other websites for my self and other clients I have served over the years.

These experiences resulted in the establishment of Yelsuma Web Solutions now Sobiaonline Web Solutions. I have a good intention of helping small businesses stay above the bottom-line by helping them to improve their online visibility and navigate their ways around the complex online landscape.

My name is Issahaku Adam. I spent most of my time now helping job seekers to find jobs, writing about career issues, and as well as helping businesses to design and maintain websites by using WordPress as a CMS. 

Since 2015, I have acquired a wealth of experience in the field of ICTs. A shortlist of what I can do include:

  • Website design
  • Copywriting
  • email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Ecommerce
  • CV Design
  • Website administration 
  • Elementor, DIVI Builder, Beaver Builder etc.

By this, I am not a blogger but a professional who is genuinely interested in helping out. I am a kind of self-taught kind of guy and every day serves as an IT school for me. 

In all what I do, I am always mindful of my development background. I see what I do as a significant contribution to development.

 After learning all the thousand and one development theories whilst at UDS, I have bought into the model of Dudley Seers who conceptualizes development in terms of reduction in three things:

  • Poverty
  • Inequality
  • Unemployment

Helping people to escape poverty through meaningful careers and bridging the digital divide in access and utilization of online opportunities is what spurs me on. 

I have my academic background in Development Studies re-enforced by years of experience with an NGO and a public University as a research assistant. This exposure has given me a unique flare to handle projects from diverse backgrounds.

Now that I have given you a brief background about myself, I am now going to update you on the objectives of this blog page and the type of information I will be sharing here on weekly basis.


The objective of this blog is to help people with ideas so that they can build a meaningful presence online with their businesses. I will be sharing relevant information, tips, and tricks spanning the following areas:

  1. Updates from Sobiaonline Web solutions on our new offers, discounts, new services, and related issues.
  2. Sharing of practical information on how to design and manage a website successfully without coding.
  3. Sharing of practical information on how to make your website search engine friendly and general search engine optimization tips.
  4. Sharing of practical advice and tips on how to design and manage eCommerce online.
  5. Sharing of useful tips on how to implement and maintain a successful email marketing campaign.

I hope that you would subscribe to my email newsletter and stay updated on my latest post. I will be releasing two blog post every month for now. If you enjoy reading about me and what I stand for, please subscribe to my next update soon on factors to consider before starting your website in Ghana. Stay safe.